Conventionally,a Pronoun is used instead of a noun.Suffice to say, it’s a replacement of who or what is already known.

Thus, Pronoun in the above question means *replacement* . Apart from your name, what else represents you before the world? Do you have a brain child? Is there anything tangible you have done for your world?

When we say *Facebook,who* comes to your mind? When we say Microsoft, Amazon, Rich Dad and Poor Dad etc, *Who and Who* come to your mind? You know their names, but did I mention them here? That’s the point.

Those things that allow you to recognize their names, even when they are not mentioned are referred here as: *replacements*

Question: do you have any replacement? I don’t mean your biological Children, neither do I mean the titles you bought or your nicknames. *I mean your* *brain child (ren)* Have you conceived any one? Are you currently working on anyone? Just think about it.

Gain clarity, all that have great effects on humanity,comes from the brain. *Check it your self.It is what comes out from within that counts, not what goes inside of* *you* .

Observe that some people have to introduce themselves to the MC in an occasion,in order to be recognized,yet in another scenario, the MC has to go to the person to beg to know his name in order to give him recognition. You see, your *replacement* commands attention naturally.

What you have done, your brain Child will attract people to you, naturally.Yea, you don’t need to beg for recognition.Work to have a replacement.Stop buying titles.Undeserved titles are Stark show of character deficiency. Instead, build yourself from the inside.Without character, we will be creative in the negative.

It bothers me that hitherto,we are yet to have a modern way of tapping Palm wine.It has been the old way of tying a wooden rope around the Palm tree.And any mistake, the tapper falls backwards, breaking the *spinal chord* in most cases. Are modern Africans barren of creativity? Did you know when the one in use now was invented,by our forefathers? What exactly is happening to the modern Africans or are you not seeing what I am seeing?

You see, coming up with such an idea will be a great replacement for you.You can think more about new ways of doing other things.Point is, find a replacement for yourself. I mean get yourself a *Pronoun*.

How ever,no matter how wonderful your idea is, without finance, it’s dead on arrival.Without fuel, the vehicle cannot move. This is why we should give room for sharing our ideas to some people who are potential investors or have the standing position to attract quickly the assistance we are looking for*. Any idea you can develop and manage alone, is not great.* Yet, you should start small and grow big.

Think about this.Good morning pal.

Onyeka Ozoudeokpoko

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