Whenever you hear such a statement,it is referring to *a concern for others*.
If you can recall my update titled *Good is not what you think it is*, where I explained that most things people describe as good, is evil in disguise. If you juxtapose this will the current situation in Nigeria where our leaders hid the palliative food meant for the poor masses, hoping to re-package them, expired or not and then distribute them to the poor masses during Christmas periods, election times and during their birthdays, you will ask with mouth agape: *where is the humanity in our leaders?*.
When this happens at this period, the poor will categorize the leader as *a good leader*. Meanwhile, the leader is giving you what truly belongs to you but choose to hold onto it because he has no humanity in him.
I cry for our country Nigeria. I cry for the poor masses. I cry for the leaders because they don’t really understand what leadership is all about.
Where is the humanity in you? How do you sleep knowing full well that what you are holding onto does not belong to you and the owner is crying helplessly?
When we lack humanity as leaders and as followers,we negate alot of things we say in *the pledge* which says inter alia:
“I pledge to Nigeria my country
*To be faithful, loyal and honest….”*. Is our country ruled with honesty? Is it not better we stop reciting it since it is not reflecting in our national life?
We say all these, but because we lack humanity,we have no concerns for others well being,we do not put them into practice.
➖Where is the humanity and hitherto, our country Nigeria has no functional oil refineries, meanwhile it’s one of the most oil producing countries in the world?*
➖Where is the humanity and our country cannot boast of good road network?
➖ Where is the humanity and our country is pronounced the poverty capital of the world?
➖ Where is the humanity and our educational system is in a total mess?
➖ Where is the humanity and our health institutions are nothing to write home about?
➖ Where is the humanity and unemployment is increasing by the day and there’s no measures put in place to address it meaningfully?
➖ Where is the humanity when all our leaders think about is next election?
➖ Where is the humanity when there are *money wells* in hidden places,in the homes of some of our leaders?
➖Where is the humanity when the poor cry in the midst of abundance our country Nigeria has? Etc
*Meaning lies in *actions and not in words*
Stop making promises you cannot keep. Stop killing people. Give people what is due to them. Stop hurting and manipulating them, using the same thing that belong to them.
We therefore call on our leaders,at all levels-political, religious etc, to bear humanity in mind,in their daily activities. We call on them to know and understand this reality: *we came to earth with nothing,we go back with nothing*. May they understand what this means at this point in time.

Think about this.


Do not give up as long as you have something to give.

Onyeka Ozoudeokpoko

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