By now, most people are coming up with the usual new year resolutions. Reality is, those resolutions in most cases are written out of passion. And like I always say, passion alone doesn’t sustain goals for a long time. This is because it depends on moods and moods change. This is why most people will start this year in high spirits of achieving their goals and give up after a while. If your resolutions are not backed up by why they are most likely not going to endure.

Based on this, you have to develop a new mindset and act upon it consistently. This is the way forward. We have finished our powerful cross over night prayers, but faith without good works amounts to nothing. Nothing will replace hard work, nothing will replace learning, nothing will replace repeating the process. You need to let this sink well.


#1 Mindset: Believe In yourself and in your business

Your business is working. What is not working is You. Yes! Your inability to believe in your business. There is no way you can excel in a business you don’t believe in. Re-strategize, find a new way of doing your business. New ways are there, the hindrance is that you have not thought about it for once. *It’s because of my search for a new way of doing business that made me now to embark on building a world-class website where I will be doing a whole lot of things. Don’t worry, I will show it to you in due time Therefore, believe in yourself and believe also in your business.


#2 Mindset: Think three steps ahead at all times

Don’t just relax and be operating in one step. Open up your mind. Be willing to learn new things. Can’t you see you have done enough harm to yourself by being comfortable with the ways things are going in your life? If you have any expired documents, go straight away and renew them. As a matter of fact, I renewed my international passport days ago at Immigration Office, Asaba, ahead of time. It’s not a must that you must be counting in dollars before you can open a dollar account for yourself. If you’re thinking futuristic, walk into any bank of your choice, get their requirements and open a domiciliary account for yourself. I opened my own with the GTB. Don’t wait till the need arises, move ahead of time. At the time of Jesus, the people would go ahead of him to where He would later come. It’s time you began to think ahead.


#3 Mindset: Do the hardest thing

What may be the hardest thing for you, may not be the hardest thing for me. Look into your life, discover those things you fear most and start doing them. You see, the strength of the oppressor lies in the ignorance of the oppressed. Remove fear and you see that you’ve killed your oppressor. I know many of them I have killed in my life One of them is public speaking.


#4 Mindset: Think big, and small

I have opened a domiciliary account and even went ahead and applied for its card. Meanwhile, currently it’s not in use. I know situations must warrant its usage in future and then I would say I’m ready, that’s thinking big. You need to start connecting your dream world to reality.  However, I have never neglected my current business. You must count one first before you count two.  Do not be carried away by the successes your age mates might have achieved as you have seen in the village. Never you let go of the small things you are doing now while you think big. Never you forget your days of little beginning. If there’s no now, there will never be then.


#5 mindset: Create your own luck

Like I always say, no reasonable man plans his life on luck. Life is  planned based on opportunities one has created for one’s self. Things don’t just happen, we make them happen. If you actually believe in luck, then create it for yourself. Program yourself to reading books, learning any of the computer packages say: graphic, animation, website design etc. Get yourself positioned. Reality is, no one can live your life for you. Stop having the mentality of getting everything for free, this is not reality. You must be willing to pay of the luck you want to create for yourself, else nothing happens.


#6 mindset: Give, Give and Give some more

The values we have are for the benefit of others. No one is entirely poor. Money is not the only thing you can give to people.  You give your time, your idea, verbal appreciation. Etc. Why have you made yourself to be so poor so much so that you are not able to give even a verbal appreciation to what good people have done for you?  Just ask yourself if you’ve anything others are gaining from you. We are made for one another. Not being generous has limited your progress and unfortunately, you do not know. Live, not just for yourself. If you can’t appreciate people when they have done something good, don’t advise them when they have done something bad. Hence, because you failed to appreciate them when they were doing good, they doubted the good things they were doing. They hoped to see your encouragement and words of appreciation but none of these came their way. Be careful, for man is an emotional being. Be generous therefore to people, in ways you can. This will go along way in keeping them to the good cause. How can the student know he is doing well, if the teacher doesn’t confirm it?


#7 mindset: The growth mindset

Many are educated, but they are mentally empty. And growth comes from the mind.  This is why you must engage yourself in self-education. Formal education can get you riches, but self-education can get you fortune. Everything is created twice: mentally and physically.


If you don’t have in your mind the ability to accommodate millions of dollars just like I have, if you eventually see such amount, you may die before your time. We live more in the mind. As a man thinks, so he’s. How much do you hope to see in your account this year? Did you say you’ve not thought about it? That is the problem. How do you hope to work hard since you don’t have a target? Decide now!  And get to work.

To you I say:  think big, think big and work hard.

Watch words: Do not give up, as long as you have something to give

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