If you are praying to travel over seas, question is, have you got your international passport? If you are praying God to give you first class, question is, have you read your book? Etc. You need to initiate the process of what you want to have in your life and God will take it up from there.
In my village, a lot of young people are engaged in smoking Indian hemp and their number is increasing over the year. And in the end, they’ll be used as thugs to work for rich men who are making trouble in the community.
It has been my desire to be in the ruling class in my village community to enable me to make a great Impact in this regard.
And guess what? Election was conducted last year and I was elected into the ruling class just as I had in mind.I have already initiated a bill I call *Health protection Bill*. This seeks to ban smoking and selling of Indian hemp in our village community, to avoid massive madness among the young people and I am very optimistic that it will be made a law before the year runs out.
But here is the point,I initiated the process and God took it up from there.If I had not traveled to the village, I wouldn’t have been among those elected, my good intentions notwithstanding. You get the point now?
Look critically into the things you are asking God to do for you and then consider if you have done your own part as a rational being.
God can only work with you,He cannot work for you. He said He will make our burden lighter when we come to Him,He didn’t say He will carry it entirely for us.
Begin now therefore to initiate the process of anything you need in your life,no matter how little your effort is,God will make it up from there, *as long as you have good intentions attached to it*

Think about this.

*Lord,let all who come near me, see your blessings and come unto you*

Onyeka Ozoudeokpoko

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