If you’re observant enough, you would see that some natural activities should be a great lesson to you.

For instance, it’s a grain of corn that you sow, but you harvest several ears of corn. It’s a seed of Orange that you sow, but you harvest many oranges. What does this teach you?

You should learn that during the period the seeds are beneath the Earth, that so many chemical reactions are going on to ensure that multiple outcome is guaranteed.

This explains that if you appreciate, protect and nurture that particular thing you know how to do well, from it you can gain ground and add other things. Don’t you see that some orange sellers are buying lands and doing many unrelated businesses? You too, can do the same.

Your major problem is that you are easily distracted. When you see that your neighbor is doing well in his business, you just abandon your own and begin to imitate your neighbor in what he’s doing. Meanwhile, you have no basic idea of the business. This is why you are failing.

A corn seed, can never be an Orange seed. Why are you trying to be some else? Why are you applying bleaching cream to your beautiful body?  If you refuse to be yourself, nature will declare you unclassified. And at this point, your destiny helpers may find it difficult to locate you wherever you are. Do not sow wind, that you may not harvest whirlwind.

By doing what you know how best to do, you are generating a lot of effects which you may not know. But your ignorance will not remove reality. In due time, you must bear fruits.

I started writing since 2008 till date. I know the places and things I have done and still doing because of this high income skill. If you say the name of your dog is Angel, it becomes Angel. And you may the dog acting like its name. Cherish what you do, whether people understand it or not. All you must know is that whatever you take as your business must be affecting two people positively, you and humanity.  That is to say, as you gain, humanity must gain also. If this is not reflecting in the business you are doing right now, know that you are not really in business, though you think you are. Quote me anywhere and I will prove it.

One act, multiple effects. Look at yourself and question your life. It’s time to make impacts beyond words. It’s time to hold on to the one thing we know how to do best. It’s time to recognize and appreciate the seemingly negligible.

I was coming home in the evening yesterday, carrying my bag on my left shoulder as usual and to my greatest surprise, two young ladies blocked my way. I looked up and confirmed the familiarity of their faces. They actually blocked me out of the excitement they got from some of my books they have read. So they asked me this unexpected questions: How do you write these kinds of books? How do you get your inspiration? And they were looking at me to know what I had to say. And I replied: *I write like myself and I got my inspiration from three sources: reading, observation and experience

You may not know what you have done to yourself by abandoning that thing you know how best to do, all because you want to hit it heavy and make money quickly. It’s okay to make money as soon as possible, I too want to make money, just like everyone else, but make sure that the money you are making has a process, else your fruit will be multiple in the negative.


Watch words: Do not give up as long as you have something to give.

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