What you take as a positive result maybe otherwise in reality and what you take as a negative result maybe otherwise in reality. Strickly speaking, life is positive to all. However, when you do not realize the realistic implication of this due to what you, yourself have described as a bad situation, anything can happen. This is why you see some people committing suicide and the likes.

Gain clarity.If a hired assassin comes back from his assignment and gives a positive report to his boss, what do you think is the implication in reality? The implication of course is that death has occurred. So, realistically,humanity is in pains because of the so-called positive results. Question is:it’s a positive report, but does reality support it? That is that.

Furthermore,if your HIV result is out and it reads positive? What does this mean in reality? It means you have the deadly virus and meanwhile that is not the kind of report you want here. You see, if a positive result makes you cry here, and a negative result makes you happy, which one is truly a positive report in reality? Keep the answer to your self. But hope you got the point here right?

From here, you see that it’s reality that determines which situation is positive or negative. It’s not necessarily about human descriptions of the situation. People can describe situations, but reality determines them

You’re not in a bad condition as people may think because you’re not yet married as a young man or woman. Reality may not count it as a negative situation if you have done all things on your own part and you have not got your visa, admission etc. If only your eyes could be opened as in the case of biblical Gahezi, at the prayers of Elisha, you would see and understand that you have positive report, yes that you’re more on the advantage.

In whatever situations you find yourself right now, never describe it unfavorable,though it may appear humanly as so. You see, we live more in the mind.Concentrate on developing yourself and minding the kind of interpretation you are giving to your situation right now.Whatever you say about your situation becomes its reality. And Jesus echoes: It is not what goes inside a man that makes him unclean. It is what comes out of his mouth, for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks Keep changing your results with the words of your mouth. Once you have time to monitor others, it means you have no time to live your life.

If you’re sitting on the promotion of anyone, in whatever capacity right now, it’s time to hands off.Because of you, that person is complaining to have an unfavorable result. Because of you, families, relationships, businesses are in a shambles. It’s time to hands off for reality does not sustain the report you are showing the world that you have.

When I sat for JAMB for over five times, I thought my condition was negative. But later reality showed that I was in a better position. You will understand what I mean when I’m done building my world-class website.

By and large, your situation affects you the way you understand it and interpret it. Remain as you’re, be yourself, and keep working hard. Someday, you’ll look back and begin to appreciate those situations you once described as been negative. Then you’ll realize that everything was actually done just to ensure you are where and how you are today. I therefore join my voice to that of the popular singer *Ella and say: Only time

Think about this, good morning pals.

Watchwords:Do not give up as long as you have something to give

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