The first step in education is admission of our ignorance. *When we refuse to accept we don’t know, we*feed our weaknesses and this will eventually affect the way we relate to people and situations.*

We become good listeners when we admit our ignorance. Listening involves:patience, openness and the desire to understand, and understanding is a highly developed character quality.

*When we lose patience, we are like a vehicle without* *break.* We only destroy and not build. Months ago, one of my cousins i live with said she was not the one that broke my calculator. But I maintained she was the one based on her antecedents. She actually mentioned a friend of mine who slept in my house the other day as the culprit.. But I didn’t believe her. I took it that it was one of those lies.

Thus, I flogged her.She was crying and still maintained she was not the one that broke it.It was here that I stepped out and put a call across to that friend of mine who is now in his destination. Lo and behold, he confirmed that he was actually the one that broke the calculator. So, I was transfixed. I didn’t know what to tell my cousin who was kneeling down, waiting to hear the result of the call I made.

Immediately i came in, I started apologizing to her, telling her she is not the one, that she was actually telling the truth. It really pained me to have received blows of impatience and inability to access available areas of information, I was close minded.

Know that I could have borrowed strength from my authority and so would not have apologized to her, but that would have amounted to feeding and building my weaknesses all the more.

When we stop defending our weaknesses, we begin to build our strength. What ever we feed,grows. And the scripture echoes:” *Let the weak say, I am strong”* We can’t be strong without first admitting we’re weak.

The best form of learning is self-discovery. Know your strengths and weaknesses.
Think about this, good morning pal.

Do not give up as long as you have something to give

Onyeka Ozoudeokpoko

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