According to the teachings of Catholic Church,on the last day, the following below will form the bases of God’s judgement:
From the above, you notice that we give attention mostly to the first three elements and then literally forget to give attention to the fourth one,yet this is a great threat to human salvation.
At this point, the story of the rich man and Lazarus in the Bible comes to mind.
Bible never said that the rich man is an adulterer,a ritualist and the likes. The only sin he committed was sin of *omission*. He omitted to take proper care of Lazarus and assist him to overcome his bad situations. This is how the rich man perished in hell.
If you don’t know, know it now: you are a solution to the challenges of those closer to you. Yes! Your neighbor.
There is no way everyone will be closer to you. This is why you must try and make great impact on those privileged to be closer to you. It makes little or no sense when you know the challenge those around you are facing and you know you can comfortably address it, but you are waiting for them to come and beg you.
If you are doing so, know you are repeating exactly what the rich man did and you know his ending.
What actually do we gain from this life if not touching lives positively. If you allow the challenge of your neighbor to take him or her to early grave, and you know you could comfortably help, you are doing yourself great injustice.
Something happened in my village years ago. There is this rich man. He built a new house. It is a beautiful and modern house. But before people can enter his house, they will see the old house of the richman’s neighbor. Thus the man went and built a new and well furnished house for his poor neighbor. This way, his joy was complete and the neighbor- a widow and her children were and are ever grateful to the man. This is what is expected of us. Do it in your own capacity.
You may not need to buy a car or build a new house for people. ?You can start by sweeping your own portion and that of your neighbor at your shop.
?You can start by removing a stone or sharp object you miraculously escaped from hurting you while working on the road.
? You can can start from taking your neighbor’s clothes off the rain when they are not around.
? You can start by treating your maids, servants, workers like human beings. Give people reason to be hopeful and happy again.
Start now to be conscious of sin of omission. For this too is capable of destroying our soul.


Do not give up as long as you have something to give.

Onyeka Ozoudeokpoko

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