Re-payment is returning some gestures or something someone has done to you or for you. Humans tend to be forgetful when they are not hurt, but they tend to be ever alive with the events, persons and situations that contribute to hurting them.

Forever, life is a mixture of happiness and bitterness. If this is so, it calls for giving attention to the both.

It’s unfortunate that you are returning evil to the good someone has done for you in the down moments of your life. And the scripture echoes: If you repay good with evil, you will never get evil out of your house. Proverbs17v13. Take note of the word never

Check yourself and see if there is anyone you’re now hurting because you are stable based on the good they have done for you.

I was very happy yesterday when someone called me and spent reasonable minutes appreciating me for the impacts I have made in her life. I felt emotionally satisfied, encouraged, and rewarded .Meanwhile, she might not know what she had done.

Do not wait until someone dies before you begin to repay the good deeds he/she has done for you. They can’t benefit from the gifts you give to their family. Tributes are not written only for the dead, you can also write them for the living. I want you to assist me in spreading this teaching. We need to re-wire our mindsets.

You lose a lot when you do not do the needful, though you may not know. You have never told him he is handsome or that she’s beautiful, but when they break the law and are caught, you begin to say those things.

Like I always say, we live more in the mind. Think about this, good morning pals.

Watchwords:Do not give up as long as you have something to give

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