Some landed properties people own today were once belonging to other people. They had them before but they do not have them now. It is one thing to achieve your goals, it is another thing to maintain them To the extent you are able to maintaining your success, to that extent does it show how you have held onto the process through which you have achieved your goal. Most people are living on a past glory and this is why they are losing heavily. Read the lines below.

God delivered Israelites from Egypt, passing through the sea. And they were very happy with what God had done for them. They have been going to wars and God had been ensuring their victory. So, at a time they took God for granted and stopped obeying his commands.

When the Philistines came and fought with them, they killed four thousand men on the battlefield. And this made the leaders of the Israel to ask rhetorically: Why did the Lord let the Philistines defeat us today?

So, they now remembered God after years of abandonment and thus sent the two sons of Eli-Hophni and Phinehas to rush to Shiloh and bring the Covenant Box. They believed that with the presence of the Covenant Box, God would grant them victory.

But on the contrary, even with the presence of the Covenant Box, the Philistines slaughtered:thirty thousand soldiers of the Israelites and went further to capture the Covenant Box. Read 1Sam4v1-11

God is not a spare tyre you can remember only when the other type has exploded. If God hears your prayers and blesses you, do not let go of Him.Do not abandon Him only to remember Him when you are in trouble. If you do, He will not save you.He will allow you to experience great loss just like the Israelites. Don’t dare!

Past glory does not sustain future success. I gettam before no be property.

When you were in school, you were reading, studying and doing researches and this is why you came out with a good grade. Now you are out of school,why do you stop learning, studying of any kind or doing researches? You have abandoned what once gave you relevance. You see, school rewards your knowledge with grade, but Labour market rewards your knowledge with cash. This is why if you go to bank and your account is zero, bank with never honor your cheque, no matter the grade you graduate with. Do all within your powers to increase in value daily.

If you’re wise, you should know that graduating from school is just the end of the beginning. And so you should keep on studying, and learning new things in order to remain relevant in your choosen field. Lawyers are very much aware that without reading, they reduce in value.

If you stop reading, you start dying. If you stop dying, you start decaying .That you have a first class, second class etc are never the reason you should stop improve yourself. Labor market does not have respect for you, if you fail to deliver the value it requires of you.

Take a look at those who are doing well in the field of their endeavors and you discover that they are maintaining the source of their relevance through constant trainings.You can’t be promoted beyond the values you have to offer, else the entire institution will go down.

Consider yourself doomed, if you’re not willing to learn .

I was shocked to the bone marrow when a principal was trying to correct another principal and he flayed up and said to her: I have been a principal before you. I know everything in this field more than you.And as such you have nothing to tell me. You’re not in the position to correct me.

Past glory does not sustain future success
The information you have today maybe useless tomorrow. How can you know it is now useless if not by further studies?

At this point I ask you: How serious are you with your God? Do you have any plans to paying and learning new things? Have you started reading any book now? Etc

If you admire those who are successful in their field, admire also the price they pay for it. Choosing one and leaving the other makes you a big dreamer

Think about this, good morning pals.

Watchwords:Do not give up as long as you have something to give

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