Remember any line you jump may be the one that will transform your entire world.

Then, it was raining heavily and a woman was running to where she could have a shelter.When she finally ran into a shelter, she now released what she was holding in her armpit and lo and behold, it was an umbrella. Yes! She was holding an umbrella, but the rain beat the hell out of her because she was with a value she never recognized.

This was the true situation of a lady.Those of you who are following Headstart Africa Community w/John Obidi, a Facebook page many people follow because of the value it has to offer, can easily recall the story of how this lady lost her appointment with Google Women’s Will just because she forgot to write at the point of interview how she had been able to impact positively on humanity over the years. She testified that it was after the interview that she began to remember many voluntary services she had rendered to humanity. But then, the demage had been done.

On your own part, if you were asked to write down at least three avenues you are using to impact positively on humanity, do you have any of such means? Are they verifiable? If you don’t know, know it now, job interview is taking another dimension. Days are gone when you will just present your credentials and you are good to go. This time, you’ll be asked to state the avenues you have been using to transform society.

This is why you must start now to get prepared ahead of time. Be there first before you are asked to be there. This is how knowledge commands actions. If you don’t have different knowledge, you will never act differently.

You can start by creating a your own group in social media and become its admin and creating contents.

You can start by volunteering to work in the motherless babies home for a week or two.

You can start by sweeping your quarters, ensuring it’s neat for the good of others. Or you can employ a worker who will be doing so on your behalf.

You can start by moving to schools, taking permission from the school authorities and speak life into the lives of students.

You can start by paying school fees for a pupil.

You can start by calling the street children together and speaking life into them.

You can start by serving well in your capacity as a leader in a religious circle.

The list is inexhaustible. Ensure you are documenting any of the ones you choose. It’s very important.

However, the big question is: how can you achieve any of these without productive planning? This is why I am opening this window of knowledge once again for those who desire to be proactive for once in their life and begin to connect reality with their plans.

Onyeka Ozoudeokpoko

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