Man is most pained, when a situation doesn’t favor him alone.However, his pain is literally gone or becomes bearable, if others are affected too just like him. This is the lot of all men born of the flesh.

For instance, how do you feel, if NEPA brings light to your quarters and it’s only your home that doesn’t have light? How do you feel when all your mates have been ordained but you? How do you feel when all your classmates have graduated but you? Etc.

You see, in such situations, your are much pained in the heart, it’s like you are carrying in you, great pains that should have been shared. The sight of others that are enjoying what you supposed to be enjoying too, is not a good one for you. This is why you may find it difficult approaching them, in their world, hence levels are not
the same.

You see,in the same way people react to the above situations, that is the way some poor people feel about the rich. In fact, some poor relatives are unnecessarily angry because the other that used to be poor is now rich. In their mind, they desire that you remain at their level.

You see, if you don’t know, know it now, the fact that you are wealthy, that you are intelligent is already a very big problem to some people. Yes! It’s making them to be uncomfortable, though you may not know. They literally ask: *why must you be the one to be rich? Why must you be the one to be more intelligent? In their estimation, you don’t deserve it. Yes! They are the ones that deserve it*. But unfortunately, they can attain such a height only in their imaginations.

Now listen, if pain will reduce if all have light at the same time in the same quarters,if it can reduce if all you are graduated or ordained at the same time with colleagues, you’ll discover that none will have any ill-feelings against the other.

Thus, by helping and being kind to the poor, by listening to hear what the so-called illiterates have to say, it will make them feel belonged and have some sense of importance. This will go along way in providing security for you. *Your security increases,as you add meaning to the lives of others*

Ever know, you are a target,for being rich, for being intelligent. Yes! That’s your offense. You are like a light on a hill, you cannot be hidden. This is why you should build a great security around you through generosity and listening.

A poor man does not receive much invitation cards. If we understand that true security comes from kindness, we will give less attention to armed security. You scare people away, and remind them of their nothingness and misery, when you move with armed men. This may generate undeserved hatred for you and it will not be in your favor in the long run.

We’re all humans, we cannot avoid some feelings, but we can control them. Though all fingers are not equal, each helps the other. Without the poor, you will not be rich. And without the rich, the poor may become even more hopeless. Thus, we need each other to survive. Let our words be more consoling, more comforting, more humane than hurting, demeaning and piercing. Let our look and touch show more love than hatred. This way, we will have closed the gap and none will feel pained. *Inequality is a great cause of revolution*

Think about this.

*Watchwords:Do not give up, as long as you have something to give*

Onyeka Ozoudeokpoko

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