While it is encouraged to help one another, research has shown that there are three groups of people whose nature hinders the penetration of help. Read them below:
*People who don’t know they have a problem*

If a sick person doesn’t accept he/she is sick, doctor will not prescribe any drugs for them. You see, acknowledgement of a problem marks the beginning of its solution. But those in this circle, though they’re dying spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially, yet they’re so full of themselves to acknowledge the reality in their lives. Thus, help is far away from them.
*People who know they have a problem but don’t know how to deal with it*

No matter how much you know,no matter how much you are preached to change a particular lifestyle, you are the one that will determine if those preachings and knowledge are going to be put to use or change anything in your life. These kinds of people think that someone else will benefit more,if they accept help, to deal with the problem they have . A story was told of two beautiful sisters. They don’t skip church activities. But they are in enmity with some members of their yard. All the interventions of the landlord could not change their minds. You see, they are aware they have a problem, but because they think the other will gain more if they let go, they remain with their problem and so help keeps its distance. This is terrible.
*People who think you are part of their problem*

Those here believe so much in what so-called prophets said. They believe so much in the images they see in their dreams. Why are you fighting some one in reality, because you claim to have seen him or her in your dream? Is that not insanity? Many relatives, friends, etc are not helping you because of your problem. Once you begin to see some one as a part of your problem, automatically the person will stop coming closer to you. And in the end, you lose big.
At this point, check and know if you belong to any of the above. If you do, begin to have a change of attitude. Hence, this is what might be cutting you off from both vertical and horizontal help, thus remaining unimproved in many aspect of your life.

Think about this, good morning pals.

*Watchwords: Do not give up,as long as you have something to give*

Onyeka Ozoudeokpoko

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