By our conscious and unconscious actions, we make things happen. Things don’t just happen, we make them so.

Why do countries, organizations, families,relationships etc tear apart? Can two work together without agreement? And the scripture says:” *Two is better than one”* What conditions are there to be maintained before we can see the reality of this assertion? At the end of this article, we shall see how institutions are destroyed using this concept.

In his contribution to this topic, *Sun Tzu* says:” This is a matter of *emptiness and fullness* .When there are rifts between superiors and subordinates, when generals and officers are disaffected with each other and dissatisfaction has built up in the minds of the troops, this is called *emptiness*

“When the civilian leadership is intelligent and the military leadership is good, when superiors and subordinates are of the like mind, and will and energy operate together, this is called *fullness* ”

Gain clarity, *emptiness* manifests, when there rift, disaffection, dissatisfaction. This divides the harmony of leaders and the led. Thus, when the enemy strikes, he wins and leads.

How does the enemy or opponent win? He wins by providing, *affection, satisfaction* etc to the subjects, thereby making them *full.* In this state of fullness, harmony of the mind and singleness of purpose are gained. Whoever brings *fullness* are more on the advantage. He must be followed. Thus, forces will be joined together, and the former leader is destroyed,yes, the one that brings *emptiness.* And once the leader is captured, the body concerned is in trouble. This is why a wife could conspire with another man and kill her husband. Etc

Without *fullness,* two cannot work together.And the scripture echoes:” *Can two work together without agreement?*”

Thus, when families are in chaos, when relationships are not working, when couples fight, when some one use another for rituals, when sacred vows are violated, when workers are aggressive to customers, etc these are done, because there is a feeling of *emptiness* and whatever we used to attain *fullness* in this circumstance,in most cases helps us to destroy the institutions in which we’re. But in the end, we also die.

Having known that the enemy or opponent brings fullness into our emptiness, just to destroy us, as wise leaders, we should ensure that we bring *fullness* to our subjects and so retain the security of our institutions.

No matter how famous or stabilized we may think we are, if we still desire to be, we should do all there is to do, in order to maintain *fullness* in our circle of influence. This way, we are unshakable, we are strategic, we are indestructible. There’s harmony of the mind.The enemy is kept forever in the dark.
Think about this, good morning pal.

Watchwords: *Do not give up as long as you have something to give*

Onyeka Ozoudeokpoko

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