We’re very much aware of *carnivorous animals*, but what we don’t consciously know is the fact that man too is an *animal*. And in the modern world of today, *while man is by nature not carnivorous, he is by artificiality*. This is why nations colonize other nations, syphoning their wealth and resources, thus making the citizens to die physically, mentally, economically, potentially, socially and spiritually. All these are made possible because knowledge of breakthrough is not accessible. It’s a situation like this that gives power to the oppressors. Based on this therefore, below are the three elements that can change status quo.
The power of the oppressors lies in the ignorance of the oppressed. If anything comes to repeat over time,it should make the oppressed to think thus:why am I always told to kneel down? Why am I always ending the year without achieving anything? The assertion:”youths are leaders of tomorrow”, What does it really mean? When is tomorrow? Does it truly exist? Etc. *When these kind of questions begin to rain in the minds of the oppressed,it means they are responding to new knowledge*.
This new knowledge will now lead to *awareness*. At this point, they become conscious of the fact that the cause of their unproductivity,and enslavement are coming from a system designed by those they have been serving and respecting. They discover that tomorrow doesn’t really exist, that what exists is *now* .This discovery will make them take back their loyalty and with a concentration of anger over the years of exploitation and ignorance, their hearts will be hardened. This will lead to *action*
When awareness gives the oppressed the clarity to take actions, they’ll place high demands on the oppressors and this time around,they may appear to be in control but they are no more in control. The table is shakened and things will never be the same again. Oppressors are now vulnerable because the oppressed, their security are no more. The hunter is now the hunted.
This is the situation our country Nigeria is hence *#endsars*. Remember what I said earlier, the oppressed have got new knowledge,new understanding, they’re now aware of the source of their oppression, their actions are not going to end by the wave of hand. Something indescribable is coming.

Think about this

Do not give up as long as you have something to give.

Onyeka Ozoudeokpoko

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