The wise are practically oriented people. They use actions more to explain what they want you to understand. They’re not self-sufficient and this is why they are humble and ever ready to learn new things.

If you know how fast you will be easily forgotten when you die, you will become wise and begin to do things that will outlive you.Yes! You will begin to build a legacy. Only the wise can build a legacy.No fool can do that.

You’re one of the wise. Yes! I mean you.If you accept this, how are you doing right now to communicate more in action? Why do feel so low of your self? Why do you feel you’re nobody? Why are so confused about life?

I speak to you now in a tone with which Jesus called out Lazarus from the grave: Stop feeling low of yourself! Stop feeling abandoned! Stop feeling you’re nobody! Stop feeling confused! This is not the way of the wise.

Those who are science inclined will be more in the know of the words: activation energy. This simply means the energy that must be available before the start of a chemical reactions.

When you concentrate more on things that are not working in your life, you imprison the activation energy to start or continue to taking actions and making things work. The wise understand that negativism weakens the morale to push on, against all odds, that is why they don’t like entertaining such thoughts.

If you become wise, you realize that life does not give you what you deserve, instead it gives only what you bargain for. And as such you should start now! To bargain meaningfully for your life. The best things of the world are there for people like you, as long as you can afford it. Is it a sin if you enjoy the best things life has to offer?

Personally, I bargained so much for myself, only time will tell.I recently discovered that days are running faster.Do you noticed it also? When you have a goal you’re pursuing, you realize that you have no time to waste on frivolity.

If you become wise, you will notice it yourself. Yes! Because you will be humble,and teachable. You’ll be happy, appreciative and share in the success of others.

Yesterday, I saw a sponsored ad online and it is talking about how to market well using Facebook. This is exactly what I have been looking for. So, I bought the product, using my ATM card.

As a wise person you’re, you should be able to know that more than half of the world population is live in the internet and as such you should not be scared of doing things online. Click here and see the population of the world who are active online.

When you become wise, humanity will have a lesser problem to solve because you will no more be a problem. However, nothing will happen automatically, it’s always a gradual process and fortunately, this process is being taught at our foundation: LIVING TO MAKE IMPACT I can comfortably assist you in this regard, if only you decide to become wise.

Think about this, good morning pal

Watchwords:Do not give up as long as you have something to give.

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