Be honest in your answer, if all you have is #30k and you’re asked to pay the said amount to see a live performance of a famous entertainer and the same amount is tagged for you to listen to a live speech of a famous inspirational speaker, which one will you pay for? Why?

Chewing gum here is a metaphor for things that do not add much value to your life and future. Most people have misplaced priorities and yet they are expecting a great future.Such expectation can only be imagined.

Check the amount of money you spend on make-ups, designer wears,parties drinks, hairs,fixtures etc and then check how much you spend in learning, in buying and reading books. Am I saying you should stop looking good? Not at all.After all I love to look too.But as long as you are spending less on learning and reading, you’ll continue to do the unnecessary things and that will eventually lead you to a destination that is unpleasurable. This is not a matter of saying it’s not my portion, it’s a matter of facing reality and doing the needful. You can’t continue to travel through life without having a tank full of fuel.

The good you desire is already here with you yet you do not realize it. If the rain is beating you, meanwhile you’re holding an umbrella in your hand, who do you blame? Your life will not improve, if you refuse to give more attention to learning and applying what is learned. And Aldous Huxley echoes:” Every man who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant and interesting Did you understand that quote well? Read it again! !

This reminds me what happened when I visited a school within Onitsha, Our Lady’s to be precise. Here, I met a teacher that taught me when I was in Secondary school.On seeing the banner containing the books I have written, she happily called on other teachers to come closer and see what a child she taught has done. It was a significant and interesting experience for both of us.

There is no way your life will be interesting when you refuse to give priority to learning. Fact is, free things do not motivate in most cases.This is because there is no input from both sides.

Our lives depend on what we know. The more we know, the higher we increase in value. Do you know that you yourself are the greatest challenge you have in your life? You have a burden of how to carry out a vision you have inside of you, but each time you want to embark on it,you’re struck with reasons why it is an impossible task for you.

Think about this, good morning pals.

Watchwords: Do Not Give up as long as you have something to give

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