The earlier we begin to realize the implication of what we do, the better we will tread with caution.
If you raise your hand, opportunity will be given to you to make a contribution or ask a question. Asking questions is one major key that opens the door of creativity. If you observe, you will notice that alot of explanations, not contained in the main text are now given because a question has been asked.
Stop preventing the child, the students from asking questions. Stop telling them they ask too much questions. In our families and schools, children are mostly shunned from asking questions. They’re made only to accept everything the parents, the teachers say.
Man is the only animal, endowed with the gift of reasoning. If you really are a teacher, stop discouraging your students from asking questions. Be humble enough to tell them I will get back to you in the next class,if you don’t have the answers in the now. You see, if we allow this to operate well,it will end up making the teachers to go into research, thereby increasing their own creativity. The effects will be enormous. And this is why we should stop shunning the child whenever he asks a question.
A student might be working on an idea and wants to ascertain which way to take and by shunning him down and refusing to answer the question might serve as a great discouragement and total abandonment of the idea. Thus creativity is crushed and human loses in ways words cannot explain.
In his contribution to this line of discourse, Robert Kiyosaki said in his masterpiece “Rich and Happy, Don’t Go To School?” :
*Questions sterm from a natural curiosity to learn. Parents are the first to crush this creativity. It’s further diminished with formal education because of the system’s determination to tell a child what to think and believe. And in the end, it’s the child’s natural spirit and creativity which is crushed”*
In the light of the above therefore, know that creativity is connected to asking questions. Thus, stop shunning or punishing the child unnecessarily just because he asks a question. Do the needful and promote creativity in your own space.

Think about this

Do not give up as long as you have something to give.

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