It is not that God is unaware of the situation you’re passing through, it’s just that the person, some persons, some institutions etc He wants to use are not responding to the prompting of His Spirit.

Some destiny helpers do not want to help because they know that a little assistance you get will take you far. Hence, God will take it up from there.

This scenario played out in the case of Jonah. He was the destiny helper God raised for Nineveh. But Jonah didn’t want to go because he knew that God would forgive and bless the people of the town after he finished preaching to them.

It took God extra effort to make Jonah respond to the prompting of His Spirit. One may ask, since God is all-powerful, why couldn’t He bypass the role of Jonah and forgive the people of Nineveh? God did not do so because He is not a magician. He wanted a touch of reality for Him to show His might. Even miracles require the faith of their recipients.

Jonah was very angry and unhappy just because God didn’t kill the people of Nineveh. He was angry because God forgave their sins. The same thing is still happening in our world today, some people are unhappy just you are blessed, just because you’re beautiful, just because you are handsome. *So, they rhetorically asked, why must you be blessed?* These kind of people don’t respond easily to the prompting of the spirit.

You see, in the eyes of the people of Niniveh, Jonah saved their lives by bringing them the message that made them repent, but they might not know the spiritual battles God fought for them before they could see Jonah speak to them. Some many things are going on spiritually.

*If men were God, many would have long stopped breathing at a slightest provocation*.

Everyone of us is a destiny helper to others.While you are expecting people to assist you, someone else is expecting you to assist him/her too. Look into your life right now, there could be some persons the Spirit is prompting you to go and assist, to go and speak salvation into their lives. If you’re one of such people, rise now and begin to follow the directions the spirit is leading you. *Don’t wait until you’re swallowed by a whale like the biblical Jonah, before you could realize that God is speaking to you*.

If you see what will be of help to your neighbors, do not hesitate to let them know about it. It was the intention of Jonah that the entire people of Nineveh die, over 120, 000 of them.

As a destiny helper you are, your assistance to just one person can go a long way to saving thousands of people whom you do not know. When God multiples, there will always be abundance.

Consider yourself privileged if you’ve any value others are benefiting from. Many people are died and are still dying spiritually, physically and mentally just because you as a destiny helper are not responding to the prompting of the spirit.

In the light of the above therefore, check the text messages someone has sent to you long ago.Check your email. Check your whatsapp. Check the letters brought to your office. Think about when you were visited in your home, all in a bid for you to respond as a destiny helper. Now you have remembered, do the needful. Else, you may face a swallow that is worse than that of Jonah. Yes! Because your role is delaying the blessings of some people. Think about this, good morning pal.

Watchwords: *Do not give up as long as you have something to give*

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