Do not think that some people are born differently. *No king ever began life differently. For all of us, there is one way to life, and there is one way out* Wisdom 7v5.

We all came from the same source and we must all go from the same source. From the start, we’re all given the same opportunity to develop into what we desire to become.

Reality is, *some are born great (inherented wealth), some achieve greatness and some have greatness entrusted to them.* In either way, greatness is greatness.

In today’s world, many are supposed to be kings, queens, but they are comfortable being servants. They are comfortable being in their complacent positions. They’re not aware that greatness is entrusted to them.

You see, David was anointed a king, but his kingship did not manifest immediately. He had to work very hard, before what was entrusted to him could see the reality of the day.

What is the implication of this? From here, you see that your kingship or queenship will not manifest, just because a prophet, pastor etc has prayed for you. Challenges you’re meant to face in the journey of taking your rightful position in life will not be put off, just because you are involved in one spiritual activity or the other. It cannot be put out of the way because you are paying your tithes. Those exercises can help to attract grace to you,that you may endure and fight to the end. They can’t replace your human efforts.

If David, whom God personally directed Samuel and even re-directed him to anoint David a king,could face great challenges, before taking his kingship position, who are you not to?

You see, many have traveled this road you’re traveling now. Take a look at their foot steps. *Do not spiritualize human efforts by fasting, praying and tithing,efforts cannot be spiritualized*. And scripture echoes: *Faith without good is dead*. You’re fortunate, if you’re understanding what you are reading now.

Do not think that becoming a king or a queen is not for you. Do not be too comfortable with your level right now. Yes! It’s not easy to eat and maintain three square meal per day,do not just end there as your life achievement.

*Nature has abundance. Your lack doesn’t reflect a lack in nature. Your poverty is not approved by nature, for nature has inexhaustible storehouse. It is only approved by you because of your inability to have a change of mindset through knowledge. Question:how do I key into the abundance of nature?

You start by working on your mentality first.This is where most people die, though they are living. It is irreconcilable how most people will shout *I receive it in church* but when it comes to using action to connect to their prayers, they backslide. *And this is exactly why most Christians are poor*. I’m unapologetic here. *If this hit you, begin to do the needful.*

Where you’re now is not enough. *A crown was meant for you abinitio, but you’re too lazy, too comfortable, too complacent to work hard and wear your crown*.

If only your eyes could be opened, just like Gehazi, the servant of Elijah, you would see that those who are with you are far more than those who are against you. *If only your eyes could be opened, you would see that where you are currently, is not where you are supposed to be*.

If a king is like everyone else, then I remind you today that you’re a king.I remind you today that you’re a queen and to the image on my mirror, I speak with a great conviction: *you’re a king*.

In the light of the above therefore, *become a king, do not claim to be. Become a queen, do not claim to be*. You cannot become, if you’re lazy.

Think about this, good morning pals.

*Watchwords:Do not give up, as long as you have something to give*

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