When we were little, we could hardly do anything on our own. Mostly, we depend on our parents to help us with things like feeding, bathing, reading and even dressing up.

But as we grow old, we find these things less difficult and easy to do.Hence we can now read, eat, write, dress, even communicate better and make lots of friends on our own.

We undergo change from infancy to childhood, from childhood to adulthood. We make choices, have dreams, choose career paths, go to college, get a job, learn to trust more and love, get married, start a family and the whole lots of them.

All these changes correspond in pace with nature, they are constant and go on and on as we grow older.

However, people undergo different kinds of changes, basically grouped into major types; The Physical and Psychological types of changes. Physical type of change can be seen in the above paragraph, just as we are born babies and then grow to be beautiful, strong youths and adults years later. This has to do mainly with physical growth.

The Psychological type of change controls the other kinds of change in people and how they relate to their environment, both mentally, socially and spiritually.

These changes are relative and work intermittently with each other. Just as a person’s mental age is different from his/her actual age, so does the change that goes on in these different dimensions of human life differs.

Listen, your mental capacity and stability determine how you relate socially and spiritually. Change cannot happen externally until it first happens internally.

Fighting pervasive mediocrity of the world and changing your attitude is impossible on your own,if it doesn’t start from within.

If you are going to see promotion anywhere you find yourself, you have to maintain a good attitude, regardless of what other people do to you and regardless of circumstances.

In order to reach the peak of your success, it is not because you are the right person or having amazing management skills but because that’s what’s in your heart already.

Change is a fundamental fact of life that we all undergo by the choices and decisions we make, both consciously and unconsciously.

Our behaviors should be clearly consistent with our beliefs. Therefore your choice of people, things, ideas and closeness to God can help you attain an excellent spirit.

Think about this.

Do not give up, as long as you have something to give.

Onyeka Ozoudeokpoko

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