First, realize that you applied for the job and you got it,after agreeing to work according to the rules and regulations of the institution.

If your time of coming to work is 8am, and you are maintaining it, you discover that your boss will not have issues with you on that side and your fellow workers will not murmur or report you because they have nothing to report.

Coming early to work is one of the best ways to be at peace with the management. I used this means to differentiate myself in a place where I worked for 9 years. I received award and many other incentives. But bear in mind that those incentives were never my motivation for coming early. I was doing so, because I took it as my personal work. I was known as the early bird. Thus I wasn’t surcharged for coming late. This contributed to my several promotions- *receptionist, public relations officer and stock manager*.

Another way of getting along with your boss is to give your best to your job. You can’t put in your best,if you don’t take your boss’s work as your own. *In giving your best, you make yourself indispensible, you gain more experience because you don’t avoid any work that comes your way. Remember, experience is the major thing you gain from your place of work, not your salary”*

Gain Clarity, the moment you come to work, your time belongs to your boss,as long as working hours are concerned. And you are expected to be working within this period. This knowledge should make you not to be rejecting some ocassional work that’s not officially assigned to you, but you can do it. This way, you will have little or no issues with your boss.

On the other hand, you can’t be all that relaxed,if you are not getting along with your fellow workers. Try as much as possible to be in peace with your fellow workers because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Never think that everything ends there at your working place, life is more than that.

One major way to be in enmity with your fellow workers is when you report all their mistakes to the management. I am not suggesting that you should conceal evil but I am sure you know the difference between a bee and a butterfly.

The worst thing that can happen to you is to allow yourself to be used by the management against your fellow workers. Then I was working with my former institution,a staff member was known for doing this. She used to report any staff to the management at a slightest mistake.According to her, she doesn’t hide evil. Her loose mouth made her to be a source by which the management knows what is happening among the staff.

Now,it was time for promotion.And when the admistrator suggested that she is the one that fits most in the position, the chief medical officer declined,on the basis that if she is promoted, she would now be in position to know the secret Information of the institution, they were afraid that she would disclose those Information to outsiders if given the opportunity.And that no one else will be doing her informant job. Thus, another person was employed from outside and she remains unpromoted. Never you gain the favor of the management at the expense of your relationship with your fellow workers. Why? *Because the two are mutually exclusive*.

Furthermore,stop claiming you know everything. It throws most workers off. You see, when you hire intelligent people, you don’t teach them how to be smart. You already know you are intelligent, allow your fellow workers to express themselves in situations that calls for it. Don’t make them look stupid and idiotic. In the end, you can still use your higher knowledge to tell them why you think you have the right information.

Fact is, everyone wants to rule.Every one wants to be heard.

In the light of the above therefore, Master the above and Excell more.

Think about this


Do not give up,as long as you have something to give.

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