As a parent, you will do everything within your power to ensure that the child does not come in contact with what will do harm to him.

Before now, our idea of good is what does no harm to us. *But the reality is God does not want us to have the knowledge of good, ab initio*.Look at his instruction to man:

*”You may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden, except the tree that gives knowledge of what is good and what is bad.You must not eat the fruit of that tree, if you do, you must die the same day”* Gen 2v15-17.

From the above,you see that it was not the intention of God that man should know what is good. The original plan of God for man is to have *life eternally*.

Jesus reaffirmed this in John 10v10 where he says: *I came that they may have life, life in its fullness*.

You see, if God does not desire man to eat the fruit that gives knowledge of good and knowledge of what is bad, does it not suggest that, both *good and bad* are evil before God?

This is a higher level of teaching and I want you to get me well. In his humanness, Christ didn’t accept to be *good one*.He said that no one is good. Yet, in his divine nature, he declared that he is a *good shepherd*.

You see, *good* as the world proclaims it is a very big *distraction from the obvious*.

When scholarship is offered to you by another country say US, Britain etc. You think they are being good. No! They are not. Instead, they are actually taking away the fine brains of that country, shifting them to their own country, this is why most people who studied under such scholarships never return back to their mother country, even when they desire to go. They are retained,against their will, and they are showered with so-called goods. This is how,scholarship, yes good prevents us from seeing the underlying reason. *What a diplomatic distraction!*

Government uses *good* to campaign and retain power. During the campaign of Buhari, he promised to be giving unemployed youths #5000 monthly as long as they’re in power. He pledged to build refineries, stabilize power and vanquish bokoharam within months.

These sound *good* right? And that was why they bought the attention of people. Today, can you see any of those in reality? Do you now see how good is evil? You see, you need to break from the limited thinking of *comparateiveness*. The modern way of human manipulations is the provision of two options, each of which favors the provider.

Furthermore, during election periods, lot of materials, promises, caring are offered to people. Good will be in the air. But now you know what it is all about.

You see, *good* is a great weapon of penetration. That is why sugardaddies and mummies will buy you expensive things, I mean they buy you good things of life and then penetrate and destroy your life.

You see, *goodness* is not same as *good*. Goodness is one of fruits of the spirit. Not all good acts are a show that someone is godly. So many good acts are advanced form of slavery, captivity and penetration. *Any good act that limits the exercise of your freedom is a very big weapon,to destroy your life and limit your desired experiences.* In other words, you shouldn’t lose your freedom because good is done to you. I don’t know if you are getting the point. Well, this particular update is not really for everyone.If you understand it, it’s for you, if you don’t, it’s not meant for you.

Now listen, I am taking you up alittle further *When the wise servant Jesus referred to in the bible was being good to their debtors by reducing the amount they owed his master, do you think he was really being good?* No! He wasn’t. He was only securing his future at the expense of his boss. This is how good is used to destroy lives, destinies, businesses etc and it goes undetected.

Good is a great weapon of penetration.*If you’re a Christian politician and you want to transform the entire system to how you think is better, you don’t need to form another Christian political party.Instead, you must create your own light from the darkness of your contemporaries.

Yes! Your wisdom should be able to arrest that of your colleagues,in such a way that they gravitate towards your side, to bring about the reformation that you seek.

*The scripture says:”I will prepare a banquet for you in the presence of your enemies* .Psalm23. This means that your wisdom must exceed that of your enemies. That is the only way they will not attack you, when you begin to enjoy your blessings.

Think about this.

*Watchwords:Do not give up as long as you have something to give*

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