The problem is not that you are in lack of ideas, your problem is that you are inconsistent with following it up to the point of realization. You cannot be significant by mere appreciation of those who are significant in their chosen field. *If day and night are consistent in repeating itself, you’re expected to be steady in the pursuit of your goals*.

While many people are giving up in the pursuit of their goals, others are busy pushing forward. *The reason for your unaccomplishment is that you are inconsistent.* Check and you realize that you’re finding it very difficult to focus and accomplish one thing before you start venturing into another.

Inconsistent is a great show of *lack of focus, unclarity of an idea and lack of believe* .Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win.

Now we’re facing a global threat posed by the COVID-19, don’t let fear replace your goal. You can’t afford to let go. Instead, re-strategize. *Necessity is the mother of invention* This period of time calls for hyper-creativity and not letting go of your worthy cause.

Now schools have closed, get your mind engaged. *Visit the liberary, learn computer,give yourself target of number of books you’ll read in a week, two weeks etc* Find a way to keep the fire burning in you.

Begin now to developing yourself,into an authority in any area you choose to. *Register for English class, learn, learn and learn*

*If you can be honest with yourself, you’ll discover that one of the major reasons you’re inconsistent with pursuing your cause is that you are low in content. Yes! You don’t really have much to offer.* If this is true, what exactly are you doing right now to increase your content? That is the question. *Of course,you can’t vomit more than you have swallowed*

For as long as you are low in content, you will easily be discouraged and inconsistent. *The Kingdom of God suffers violent, and only the violent can take it by force*.

Reality is, it takes a series of consistent action before you can become violent. Your muscles will not expand by lifting the weight for one day. You need to be consistent in weight lifting, before you can have expanded muscles and chest. If you have seen a successful person, then you have seen a consistent person. *All successes are as a result of consistency*

*In the light of the above therefore, get up! Now! Be bold, be consistent, be focused,be ever strengthened in the pursuit of your worthy cause and success will naturally come your way*

Think about this, good morning pals.

Onyeka Ozoudeokpoko

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