When you see two communities or countries that are at war, killing each other, what is killing them is not actually the kind of weapons they use, the actual killer is the *war itself*.
Thus,if you want to negotiate on how to settle them here, do not discuss weapons of war, instead focus on *peace*. When peace comes,it will neutralize the war and weapons will disappear.
From the above therefore,we say that all learnings fall into two parts:
? *What I need* and
? *What I don’t need*
Do you see how simple it’s now?
At this point, take this exercise right away. Get a diary and create a table. On the first column, write out the things you need to see and have in your life. On second column, write out what you don’t need.
Once you are done with this, focus your attention on those things you need to have. As you do this, you will discover sooner than later that you are no more focusing your attention on the ones you don’t need.
As I always say, *whatever you give attention to grows*. At this point, make use of these questions, *how can I go about getting all these I need? What skills and knowledge do I need to enable me succeed in getting them? Where do I need to go for them? When exactly am I starting ?*
Make researches, ask people who already have what you need to have,pay if necessary and get the information you need.
This way, you are being intentional about working towards getting when you need in your life. The ball in now in your court. Get to work therefore.

Think about this


*Do not give up as long as you have something to give*

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