The Uncertainties of Life


In this book entitled, “The uncertainties of Life,” writer, exposed life’s
vicissitudes and our reactions to them. She made ample use of metaphors and proverbs. Excerpts from
her book can buttress my assertion.
“Hasty climbers have sudden falls and great haste makes great waste.”
“It is good to make friends, but remember we can live without friends but not without our
neighbours…Trust dies because bad pay poisons him – so it is with friendship.”
“You cannot shoe a running horse neither can you teach old dog new tricks. What is learnt in the
cradle lasts to the tomb.”
“What cannot be cured must be endured…”
This book by the genius of our time is a must-read for all and sundry. The young will learn that time and
tide waits for no man and the old why old birds are not caught with chaff.
Sr.Mary Purissima Nwabufo(I.H.M)
Loretto Special Science School, Adazi, Anambra


The Uncertainties of Life
Are you looking for a book to equip yourself with the vicissitudes of life? Pick this book, The Uncertainties of Life. Take charge of what becomes of you tomorrow by equipping yourself with the invaluable knowledge and experiences in this book. It’s a must have for all and sundry. We made it affordable so you could have your copy. Read and make your reviews!


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