Mourning My Lost Youth

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This is one of the books I cried while writing it. One of the most powerful ways of human manipulation is the psychological one. The method makes the victim to feel relaxed and so offers no resistance. Thus, the oppressor keeps progressing with his evil intention and before the victim could know what is happening, he has fallen into a trap that could possibly take him to his early grave.

This book is eye-opening and it goes a long way to making you understand that life is beyond what you see on the surface.


Youthful age is a period of extreme carefulness. Whether you are guided or not, whether you know what you are doing or not, reality is, you will get what you deserve in due time.

There is no short-cut to success, the so-called is actually a long way. In a world of quick success and immediate pleasure, nothing will replace knowledge. You pay dearly when you enjoy without producing.

The characters in this creative work are enough to be a great lesson to you. It is either you learn from what happened to others, or you repeat the same mistakes and others will learn from what happened to you.

This book is filled with uncommon lessons, insights into the realities of life.



Buy your copy right away and live to avoid the avoidable.

See you on the other side of value.

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1 review for Mourning My Lost Youth

    Nwobodo Chielota. M
    July 30, 2020
    When we are young, we are passionate, bright, emotional, and hungry for life. But nobody is perfect. We tend to make common mistakes which may influence our life or absorb our time. This book serves as a guide on how to avoid basic mistakes in your youthful age by learning from other people's experience. It will help you devise a means of making the right decisions in life.... Do yourself a favour and grab a copy.
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