*First are Bystanders* these are people who neither engage in an activity they generated for themselves nor the ones others generate.

*Second are Participants*
These are people who do not disturb their brains to come up with an idea, but they are willing to cooperate with the one others have come up with.

*Third are Activists* These are people who do not wait for you to tell them to start doing something before they can start. They start to solving problem once they discover it. They are allergic to idleness. However, with incentive,they can abandon or compromise the vision or the goal they once believed in.

*Fourth is Die-hard* These sets of people die for the cause they believe in. You can’t convince them against their conviction or belief. This is where the saints of the church and great men and women of history belong. They have stubborn spirits that are capable of making them to withstand all Challenges in the way of getting to their destination.

*There’s no value in living a life you are more capable of living*

Looking at the above, you know where you belong. *The first two are highly dependent and can easily be controlled and taken advantage of*. The last two are for great people.

If you want the world to know you are living, you should be in number 3 or 4. It’s not a must, but it is necessary that you come to this level.

All fingers are not equal they say, but must you be the smallest one? Think about this.


Do not give up as long as you have something to give.

Onyeka Ozoudeokpoko

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