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GO PRO IN WRITING is a product of my 14years experience as a writer. It’s goal-oriented. It arms every reader with all the weapons of writing their own book. This book demystifies writing and creates a very simple and realistic way of becoming a proud writer of your own book in a professional way. By becoming a writer, you have immortalized your name and your impact will quickly spread. Today, millions of people are making money through e-book, but how can you make the same when you have not written any book? Does it not give you a sense of concern that in all the books you have on your shelf, none of them is written by you? Ah! It is time to change the narrative.

Writing is a process of putting down your experiences, imaginations, observations and findings in a book form or other devices, making it possible for other people to read and benefit from it. This work is written to help you achieve this.


In this masterpiece, you will be exposed to knowing:

The seven reasons for writing and know exactly the one you can choose before starting to write your own book.
Why you think you can’t write
How to discover your writing skills
How to write meaningfully
15 Writing Triggers
How to choose the audience you write to
Types of writers
Qualities of a good writer.
How to write without running out of ideas
Template to raise money for your book publication
How to make use of the template
And a lot more.

With this masterpiece, writing is made easy and the world is waiting to feel the impact of your writing.Do not be a disappointment to the world in this regard.

Public speakers
Content developers
Public officials
Social media admins
Young people
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